Pennsylvania-Haines Township - Tax Collector

Please include your name, phone and email address (for receipt from PayGOV) and CONFIRM THE TOTAL IS CORRECT depending on when you pay the bill(s), or your payment will be rejected and the fee still applies: •       By April 30, pay the discounted amount. •       From May 1 - June 30, pay the face amount. •       From July 1 - Dec 31, pay the penalty amount.       The 3% (minimum $1.00) fee will be a separate charge and applies even if the payment is denied because you paid the wrong amount.       If you are paying for more than 3 parcels, you do not need to enter additional parcel numbers. Pay the total for all parcels, and payments will be applied accordingly.
PO BOX 101 Aaronsburg PA 16820

Pay Location Code 39735

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